BTS: Honey club Issue One

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Film is my favourite medium. If I am with my friends, I'm shooting film. If I am doing personal projects, I'm shooting film. When we photographed the images for the first issue of Honey Club Magazine, I did a few behind the scenes snapshots. I kind of forgot about them but was so happy for the reminder after picking up a big batch of 35 mm a few weeks back. That is one of the many beautiful things about shooting film. It is always a surprise, good or bad, but that anticipation is what keeps me coming back to that format of photography.

The newest issue of Honey Club will be released this Sunday, March 1st at! But in the meantime, here are a few of the BTS shots from our inaugural shoot.


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I'll admit it, I'll admit it.

I am thinking about bangs again.

I can't help it! I have seen so many photos of gorgeous women lately, and they all have bangs! It doesn't help that most of these women are French, which only increases the attraction considering my current obsession.

I had a fringe for a very long time but when I set my mind to growing it out, going completely blunt with my hairstyle, I was determined never to have bangs again. And I succeeded! For about a year now my hair has been one consistent length. But perhaps all this consistency is what makes me long for a change.

What do you think? Should I got back to bangs? If not, please talk me back from the edge because I think I am about to jump...

Images courtesy of Pinterest. To see more hair inspo, check out my board!

Je Rêve de l'Europe

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It feels like forever since my last post. I am fairly certain that since the day I started my blog (almost a full year ago, now!!), I have never gone two whole weeks without a post. But I have winter to blame for this unfortunate new precedence I have set. The common cold caught up with me as soon as the temperature dropped at the beginning of February. Every minute of being at home has been spent either in bed or on the couch, sipping on codeine cough syrup (which under other circumstances could be very enjoyable), and binge watching Netflix.

The moments when I feel well enough to sit upright, have been spent working on a photo album from my summer trip to Europe. Unfortunately it has made me a little stir crazy. February in Edmonton is bleak, at best, and having a cold doesn't help.  Going through all these photos has me contemplating my next vacation. So to continue my February daydreaming, here are some of my favourite photos from Berlin and Paris.

The beautiful blonde in a few of the photos is my good friend, Anna.