Red Wine Stains

by Kristen Bass in ,

White is one of my favourite colours to wear. And unfortunately red is my favorite wine. Too many times have I combined these with dire consequences. Last night was Edmonton's first ever ParkShow. And my drink of choice: a robust Malbec. The spill didn't occur from having too many, but rather from talking too boisterously with my friends. Not only is it horribly embarrassing to have a red wine stain at a fashion show, but also the thought that my favourite white button up may be ruined lingered in the back of my mind all night long. 

Thankfully I am an avid user of The Laundress' products. Much of this afternoon has been spent massaging, scrubbing, rinsing and stressing. A stain like this requires a lot of patience and repetition. I'll be sure to report back with the results as well as photos from last nights event.