Gate 16

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Today started at 4:35 AM. Aaaand then again at 4:40 AM, since my first alarm was not sufficient. At least I know myself well enough to plan ahead and set the second alarm because today was definitely one I did not want to sleep through. 

Arriving at the airport made me wish I had woken up even earlier, as lineups were practically out the door. By the time my friend and I made it through security we were on the run as the intercom blared a final boarding call for Gate 16 with service to Winnipeg. 

Yes, Winnipeg.

Tomorrow is Beyonce and Jay Z. Bey and Jay. Yonce and Hov. Sasha Fierce and Jigga. Call them what you want but there is no denying that this power couple is going to put on the show of my year, possibly even my life. 

It has been a while since I have photographed a significant event entirely on film but this weekend I am taking that risk.  It is exhilarating. And it only adds to the overall feeling of the weekend, which is entirely anticipation.

But if I absolutely must have instant gratification from my photos then at least I still have Instagram. #beyandjay2014

  Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The Bucket Hat

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Let's be honest, despite it being an increasingly popular trend, the bucket hat looks kind of goofy, making it a challenging look to pull off. But I love this because it keeps the trend semi-unattainable and therefore, more unique. 

I am still not sure if I can pull it off. But this particular hat holds a great amount of sentimental value for me. 

I purchased it from Wood Wood while on vacation in Berlin a couple weeks back. I had heard about this store from a friend and immediately added it to my list of shops to check out. A driving force in the European streetwear culture, Wood Wood originated in Copenhagen back in 2002 and has since expanded beyond Danish borders, opening a few shops through out Europe, including one in Berlin's Mitte district. This area is bustling with amazing shopping and great cafés, but Wood Wood is beautifully tucked away on a side street, away from the main strip and the hoards of tourists. 

Wearing this hat brings me back to Berlin, the city with no fashion rules, where anyone can wear anything, and look really cool. Thinking of that makes the look suddenly effortless, causing the goofiness of the hat to fade away.

Plus the print is amazing!